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May 2014 | Your focus should not be preparing the child for the next year, but how a child feels about their learning now!

That’s a tall order for today’s teacher. With all the pressure and worry about preparing kids for the future, the next grade level or even next week’s test, can make it very difficult to focus on what is happening right now. While it is important to be prepared for what comes next we must remember that it is equally, maybe even more important, especially in the early years to focus and pay attention on how a child feels about their learning, right now, today, this very moment in time. If what a child is learning is not real or relevant and not connected to an emotion then he or she is simply going to prune that information away.

I think about that all the time while developing the curriculum for the kids. At the beginning of the year, way back in September, I thanked you in advance for deciding to be a part of a co op preschool. I said that by participating you would become a meaningful person in the lives of the children, that your time would be a valuable gift. I meant that and I still feel that way. I hope you have come to realize how much your time and energy meant to the kids you have worked and played with all year.

Having a ratio of 5 children to 1 adult makes it possible for me as a teacher to:

  • Observe what children like doing
  • Provide materials that support what they like doing
  • Develop curriculum that is based on what children are interested in
  • Provide lots of hands on experiences
  • Expand on what children already know
  • Repeat experiences that children enjoy
  • Provide choices that are meaningful to them
  • Support their learning styles
  • Provide activities that focus on the process not the product
  • Provide opportunities that support success
  • Have fun!!!!!!

The kids at Serra have many opportunities each day to choose from a variety of activities that are meaningful or relevant to them. They have those choices because of your involvement. I want to sincerely thank you for all the hard work you did this year.

Thanks for:

  • Helping children solve problems
  • Monitoring incredibly messy projects
  • Reading stories
  • Setting up the yard in interesting ways
  • Raking sand
  • Offering suggestions or putting your own spin on a project
  • Doing your school job
  • Attending meetings
  • Cleaning and cleaning and more cleaning
  • Wiping running noses and putting on band aids
  • Making a child who is sad feel better
  • Learning how not to say “good job”
  • Participating in all the fundraisers
  • Listening to me sing way off pitch all year ( thats a big one)

And for all the other things I am failing to mention here. Thank you so much for your gift of time.

To those of you who are moving on to the big world of elementary school I will miss you. Don’t be a stranger, stop by and say hello. To those of you who are returning next year I am happy you will be back. Happy Summer everyone. Enjoy this time with your kids and family.

Mrs. Nowicki

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