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Executive function skills are cognitive skills such as impulse control, multi-tasking, following multi-step directions, remaining focused, and avoiding distractions. Executive function (EF) is a trait that begins in infancy and continues to

Truly Playing

Dear Parents, ~ An Oak Tree does not grow in a year.~ Growing an oak tree takes time, and having a mature, adult tree after one year is an unrealistic goal. The same goes for children. I have been thinking about the “oak

CLASS in the Classroom

Dear Parents, Over spring break I took a little bit of time to organize some of my files. I came across a folder on a workshop/training I took two years ago. I never had a chance to talk or write about my experience. After looking through the

Play with Me Mommy!

When my kids were small they wanted to play with me all the time. Now that they are all grown up I often think back to the days when they were young. I often ask myself these questions, “Did I give them enough of my time? Did they have the