Stories from Serra parents & their kids…


“Not only do I love Serra Preschool for my kids, but I love what the school has given me as a parent.  I am constantly challenged and inspired as I learn new tools for engaging with my children.  I am continually learning about child development and how to foster curiosity, adventure, and learning in our kids.  And my favorite part of Serra is the community of families that have become a significant part of our lives because we share in fun and meaningful experiences together.”

– Jamie Thrash


“Serra Preschool is better than we expected. Coming from a more traditionally rigid “day care” type preschool, we thought it was unconventional at first because we had so much input into how things were done. We quickly fell in love with the school and other families who attend. It felt more like a community of like-minded people than a school. Serra is a place for people whose priority for their children is to be free to explore, stimulated to create, and get an invitation to play and learn.”

– Jeremiah & Aryn Klein


“As we approached the idea of preschool for our 3-year-old, we were hesitant. We felt that culture was telling us that if we didn’t have our child in school at 3-years-old, she would be behind. Behind what? we asked. Behind another child in Kindergarten? We didn’t want to be manipulated by the pressures of culture or state standards. A good friend told us about Serra, so I went to have a look and was immediately intrigued. No other program is like it. Serra Preschool was a great choice for our daughter. I will admit the first few months were challenging, but with patience and an open mind to learning new ways of talking and guiding situations, our daughter exhibited significant growth in many areas. She was not the only one who had challenges, I (mom) had my fair share, but with the help of the teacher and other parents, I learned how to shift the way I talk with her and other children into a manner that offers less control on my part and more self-control on theirs. Amazingly, over time we carried on with our new rhythm and our days were full of growth after school and every day in between. After two years at Serra Preschool, our daughter is ready and excited for Kindergarten!

Serra is a great choice for a family because it’s not just your child who will learn in this engaging school, but you, alongside your child, will be forever impacted. The experiences you will create with your child cannot be gained if you are not a part of it. The knowledge you obtain of learning how to speak with and help a child flourish is only possible if you are involved. The relationships that are created because of learning and working with other parents lays a foundation for family friendships.

– The Becker Family


Serra Preschool has been one of the highlights of our young family’s lives. My two sons have been fortunate to experience the magic of this special place where curiosity, expression, and respect for self, others, and one’s environment are valued. Our wonderful director, Patty Nowicki, provides new experiences every school day — from tactile art, experiments, and building, to creating with all different mediums, to dramatic play and reading. Each morning we are greeted with love, class pets, outdoor playtime, and 4 indoor stations of fun.
Parents are taught how to engage in meaningful conversation, promote self-esteem, and mediate. In addition to play based learning, children are encouraged to identify and communicate their feelings constructively.
It is a supportive community of parents and kids alike, a once in a lifetime chance to be a big part of your toddler’s early school years, and a true gift to be a part of. Thank you, Serra Preschool!

– Shawn Johnson