Parent Immunizations

Working Parent Health/Safety Requirements

The following six (6) requirements must be met by each parent/caregiver who will work in the classroom. All medical records must clearly show the working parent/caregiver’s name and the   physician’s signature or letterhead/ stamp of the office issuing the medical report.

 Statement of Good Health: This form must be completed and signed by all working parents indicating that they are physically capable of assisting in the classroom.

TB Test: You must show that you do not have TB by providing evidence of a clean TB skin test or a clean chest X-ray. TB tests are valid for 4 years. Pregnant or nursing mothers are exempted from this requirement but must    have a note from a health care provider indicating such. On a medical report, TB is often shown as PPD.

Measles Immunity*: You must demonstrate your immunity to the measles by providing evidence of 1 measles vaccination (usually the MMR vaccine) or the results from a blood test showing positive immunity.

Note: Vaccination records from childhood immunizations are still valid. On a medical report, measles is often referred to as rubeola, not to be confused with rubella.

Pertussis (Whooping Cough) Immunity*: You must demonstrate your immunity to Pertussis by providing dated evidence of receiving the vaccine (DTaP for kids, Tdap for pre-teens, teens & adults). A consent form is not sufficient proof of immunity. Paperwork must show dated proof of the injection.

Flu Shot: Flu shots must be obtained annually between August 1st and December 1st. You may opt out of getting a flu shot by signing a declaration that you are choosing not to get a flu shot.

Criminal Record Statement: This form must be completed and signed by all working parents disclosing any criminal convictions.

*You may obtain a medical waiver from a licensed physician to be exempted from the measles and pertussis requirements.