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Truly Playing

Dear Parents,

~ An Oak Tree does not grow in a year.~

Growing an oak tree takes time, and having a mature, adult tree after one year is an unrealistic goal. The same goes for children. I have been thinking about the “oak tree”metaphor while reflecting on our school year and what kids do at Serra Preschool.

This was the first year I had an indoor/outdoor curriculum. Meaning the kids had the choice to play on the inside or the outside everyday. One thing I know about four year olds is that they will only be four once and that it was important that we concentrated on the kids present needs. The need to truly play now. Kids need time for spontaneous play with room for running, leaping, ka-powing, crying, dancing, painting, spilling, laughing, cooking, pretending and creative problem solving.

If we give kids the time to “truly play now'” they will be ready for academics later. When children gain social and emotional skills and confidence in the preschool years academic learning will naturally follow.

What I want for the children at Serra Preschool more than anything, is to have happy experiences playing and learning in a place where they felt safe and loved, and to leave with the excitement of learning that serves as a foundation for their future education and growth.

We are fast coming to the end of our 2014-2015 school year and what wonderful year it has been, although honestly, I can’t remember a NOT wonderful year. How could preschool be anything but happy and exciting with all these eager young minds and bodies swirling around me all the time? And these children are accompanied by you dedicated, hard working parents, without whom this school could not exist.

Many thanks to you all and special hugs to the Board of Directors, who work behind the scenes to secure the passage of one year to the next for Serra Preschool.

For those of you who are moving on I wish you a smooth transition to Kindergarten ( if this is your year) or to wherever you may be going. I hope you enjoyed your time at Serra Preschool this year and that you will continue to volunteer and be an important person in the lives of children.

Mrs. Nowicki

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